3D Printing Notes

For a lovely little Prusa Mini+ ❤️

Assorted Notes


Keep the filament in a sealed plastic bag! Dust is an enemy. I tried these bags as a way to keep the filament moisture-free. People have reported that they don’t do this and just use Ziploc bags with the original dessicant. I am a bit nuts.

The Sock

This is a silicone condom around the nozzle. It’s cheap and a no-brainer. This is what I got. Helps with a bunch of things but primarily: (1) the filament won’t stick to the nozzle which is nice and (2) it insulates the nozzle so you get a relatively consistent temperature when printing (esp when you increase the speed).

Nozzle Offset

In addition to the bed’s flatness, this is a good culprit for shitprints. Right now, I’m rocking -1.128.

Effect of Nozzle Height


Marketplaces and the like


Some nice models