Spacewalk Errors

On Server

Invalid Password - Jabber Daemon

If you see this in /var/log/rhn/osa-dispatcher.log

2011/09/08 17:18:12 -05:00 7402 osad/jabber_lib.__init__  
2011/09/08 17:18:13 -05:00 7402 osad/jabber_lib.setup_connection('Connected to jabber server', '')  
2011/09/08 17:18:13 -05:00 7402 osad/jabber_lib.register('ERROR', 'Invalid password')

Run this as a cron job every

on the server:

/sbin/service jabberd stop  
/sbin/service osa-dispatcher stop  
rm -Rf /var/lib/jabberd/db/*  
/sbin/service jabberd start  
/sbin/service osa-dispatcher start

Run this on the client:

service osad stop  
rm /etc/sysconfig/rhn/osad-auth.conf  
service osad start

Checking the FQDN quickly

All three commands should return the same thing (host.domain.tld)

openssl x509 -text -in cat /etc/rhn/rhn.conf | grep osa_ssl_cert | sed 's/.* =//' | grep '^ [:space:](:space: "wikilink")*Subject:.*CN=' | sed 's/.*CN=//'   

¬† openssl¬†x509¬†-text¬†-in¬†grep¬†‘^ :space:<id\¬†.pemfile="’¬†/etc/jabberd/c2s.xml¬†|¬†sed¬†’s/.pemfile="\([^"]\) ./\1/’¬†|¬†grep¬†‘^ :space:Subject:.CN=’¬†|¬†sed¬†’s/.CN=\(.\)[/$]./\1/’
¬† grep¬†‘^:space:

On Client

osad_client._check_signature: Signatures do not match

Most likely you re-ran rhnreg_ks to re-register the system to your spacewalk server. 
This broke the association of osad user <> systemid that is stored in the DB. 
Remove the auth file for osad from within /etc/sysconfig/rhn/ on the client and 
restart osad, this will re-generate a new osad auth file and this error should go away.


  service osad stop
  rm /etc/sysconfig/rhn/osad-auth.conf
  service osad start