Sun Grid Engine States





Category State SGE Letter Code
Pending pending qw
pending, user hold qw
pending, system hold hqw
pending, user and system hold hqw
pending, user hold, re-queue hRwq
pending, system hold, re-queue hRwq
pending, user and system hold, re-queue hRwq
Running running r
transferring t
running, re-submit Rr
transferring, re-submit Rt
Suspended job suspended s, ts
queue suspended S, tS
queue suspended by alarm T, tT
all suspended with re-submit Rs, Rts, RS, RtS, RT, RtT
Error all pending states with error Eqw, Ehqw, EhRqw
Deleted all running and suspended states with deletion dr, dt, dRr, dRt, ds, dS, dT, dRs, dRS, dRT