Archiving Articles

Looked at three options

Requirement: I don’t need any JavaScript in my archive. Don’t really care about the images either. Just the text.


Not bad at all. Everything but the JavaScript, all scrunched into a… single file.

# Use JsDOM instead of Chrome/Puppeteer to avoid JavaScript
npm i -g jsdom
npm i -g "gildas-lormeau/SingleFile#master"

# Now just
single-file \
  --back-end jsdom \ \

# Can use Chrome (on macOS) like so
single-file \
  --browser-executable-path="/Applications/Google Chrome" \ \


Saves everything kinda like Images, CSS, JS, fonts, everything.

# On macOS
brew install archivebox/archivebox/archivebox

# Get the Readability driver
npm install --prefix . "git+"

archivebox init
archivebox add
archivebox server


Saves just the DOM. No styling. Example.


ArchiveBox is awesome but I ended up using SingleFile for a good balance. Plus, readability-cli had some encoding issues.