Enabling Colors in OS X's Terminal

Add these to .bash_profile

export CLICOLOR=1  
export LSCOLORS=ExFxCxDxBxegedabagacad

Remove any mention of xterm

Other info

The LSCOLORS variable needs 11 letters for colors.


a  black  
b  red  
c  green  
d  brown  
e  blue  
f  magenta  
c  cyan  
h  light grey  
A  block black, usually shows up as dark grey  
B  bold red  
C  bold green  
D  bold brown, usually shows up as yellow  
E  bold blue  
F  bold magenta  
G  bold cyan  
H  bold light grey; looks like bright white  
x  default foreground or background


  1. directory
  2. symbolic link
  3. socket
  4. pipe
  5. executable
  6. block special
  7. character special
  8. executable with setuid bit set
  9. executable with setgid bit set
  10. directory writable to others, with sticky bit
  11. directory writable to others, without sticky bit