Instant Pot Recipes

The Base Stuff

Cook until pulpy, reduce heat. You are ready. This is the spice base upon which everything else is layered.

The End Stuff

I make a lot of rice-related dishes. At the end, I usually add mint and/or coriander leaves.

I wondered how biriyani makers would get a wonderful set of colors in their rice. This is by way of (a) turmeric, and/or (b) food-coloring, and/or (c) saffron.

For each of turmeric and saffron, I separate out ~10% of the cooked rice to ‘dye’ them. Once dyed, I mix them back into the main dish. Each dye is prepared by simply dissolving the spice in hot water for 15-20 minutes. With saffron, make sure you grind it a little first for more color. Some people swear that hot milk pulls more of the color but 🤷‍♂️

Tamarind Rice

Put it here since I cook this in one, but you won’t need an InstantPot with this recipe.

Random Recipe (Unknown Source)



MANUAL, HI PRESSURE for 4 minutes. De pressurize immediately!

Top with cilantro, basil, cashews