Saag Recipe

My own idiot-proof recipe based on a couple of YouTube videos.



Reduce Spinach

Add about 2 tbsp of water to some vessel and transfer spinach. Don’t cover if you want to preserve the color. Push down spinach from time to time until it’s a soggy mess. Move to a colander and squeeze out the water into a separate vessel (it’s full of good stuff and you’ll use it later.) Move spinach into an ice bath to prevent further cooking.


Add enough oil to a large pan to coat the cooking surface. Add ginger, garlic, spices to flavor the oil. Add onions and cook until they’re not firm. Add tomatoes and reduce until it starts looking like a paste. Add the spinch, spinach-water, and mix everything evenly. Reduce at a simmer until the desired texture/consistency is reached. Add lemon juice, transfer to a blender and blend away. Add whatever (tofu, chicken, paneer) and stuff face.