Gryphon Notes

A Gryphon being a glitchy, dinky, slow overpriced piece of shit sold to innocent and beleagured parents I have the displeasure of interacting with. Some fucking notes.


Remove all connections.

Reset to factory settings by holding the reset button in the back for 15 seconds until the lights go off and then go solid.

Now wait till the LED blinks. The router’s booting up. Wait for about 90 seconds.

It will blink when there’s no internet. When it starts blinking, launch the stupid app.

NOTE 👉 You will spend a lot of time trying to pair the device with the app. You must make sure that the app has access to Bluetooth! It won’t ask you to do this until you tap the PPPoe/WAN setup.

Now plug a cable into the INTERNET port from the LAN port of your ISP’s modem. When the blinking stops, the Gryphon has been issued an IP.

NOTE 👉 This does not mean internet access! In my case I had to switch from one LAN port to another to get the app to declare that the thing was ONLINE.

Blinking can also mean that the dumb thing is ready to pair with the app. Pairing might appear stuck. Quit the app and reload it. It will be OK.

Make sure the thing is blinking continuously before you plug into the INTERNET port. The app is checking for two things:

If the latter fails, it will blink and the app will throw an error.


You will have to restart and reset constantly until things fucking work. Try a different port on your ISP’s router.

Ethernet and will give you nothing useful. All configuration is done via the app.

On the app, requests will time out and the app will crash constantly. Please expect this and have some hard liquor ready.

You’ll see a default Wifi network of GryphonHomexxx. The default password is ghome1234

It’s hard to tell what’s going on. You only have one stupid LED that uses two words to communicate fifty ideas.