How to make the Best French Press Coffee

Start with a French Press. You don’t need to pre-warm the glass by filling it with boiling hot water. Don’t be that person.

You’ll need fresh, whole coffee beans. You want to grind them somewhere close to coarse. I have one of these and set it to “30”.

Depends on the bean but I start with a 1:8 ratio and adjust later.

Place ground beans in the carafe. Pour boiling hot water over the beans. Place the plunger just over the mouth of the carafe and let it sit for 3 minutes.

Then take a spoon and disturb the foamy layer. Gently push the grounds down (not all the way; just a few inches.) Replace plunger at the mouth of the carafe. You’ll wait for them to settle down to the bottom for 5 minutes.

Push plunger down to no resistance whatsoever. Enjoy the lovely stuff ☕️🥰