KensingtonWorks on macOS Big Sur

I’m using an Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball over Bluetooth.

NOTE: I’ve updated this for macOS Monterey. The instructions should be the same.

To Uninstall Old Software

  1. Go to System Preferences → Right-click on Kensingtonworks → Remove
  2. Finder → Go to Folder → ~/Library/Preferences
  3. Finder → Go to Folder → ~/Library/Application Support and remove the folder KensingtonWorks
  4. Remove and TbwSettings.json
  5. Run Finder → Applications → Utilities → KensingtonWorks Uninstaller
  6. Restart!

To Fresh Install

  1. Go here and download the latest version (v3.0.4). I cached it here as well in case some intrepid PM at Kensington decides to fuck with their website and download links again1.
  2. Run it. It will get stuck at some point.
  3. Go to System Preferences → Security and Privacy → General and unblock it
  4. Install should complete
  5. Go to System Preferences → Security and Privacy → Privacy → Accessibility → check KensingtonWorks Helper (it should be checked after installation.)
  6. Restart
  7. Launch KensingtonWorks

  1. Check shasum: 2343262e7647cbed2821cf10ff11cb7c037fbabd2e0282839cd9fc63bd851d8e ↩︎