Mailserver Setup

Set up with Postfix, Postgrey,
Dovecot, Cyrus SASL, ClamAV,
Amavisd-new, and
Fail2Ban on CentOS 6.4.

Here’s a great guide

Billy Gorbachev’s options:

  • OpenBSD. Eliminates need for fail2ban, since pf has this
    functionality built in.
  • qmail, not Postfix.
  • OpenBSD spamd, not Postgrey. spamd hurts spammers more, and hurts
    legit senders less. logs are hilarious, e.g.
    disconnected after 3995 seconds. lists: spamd-greytrap
  • Replace spamassassin with Spamhaus hooks in qmail (tcpserver).
  • qmail-pop3d, not Dovecot. Dovecot has a poor security track record.
    Download mail over (pop3 over CurveCP), using fetchmail + CurveCP
    command-line tools. Store locally in Maildir, backup
    as necessary/desired.
  • drop ClamAV and Amavisd. Run FreeBSD or OpenBSD on your desktop.
  • Add GnuPG to your local mail client.
  • Add Spamhaus DROP and eDROP to network edge pf tables
  • Add a TXT SPF record for your domain, including your servers,
    followed by “-all”

Several of these changes can be made (SPF record, DROP, GnuPG) without
modifying your existing setup.