Modelmaking Notes

Badger Anthem
silver = medium, blue = fine, black - super fine

Tamiya Ratios

Clear Coat
Future does produce a glossy finish so many modelers will introduce a flattening material or only use it as a pre-decal sealer. If you wish to use flattened Future as a final coat here are a couple of suggested ratios of Tamiya flat base for different effects:
1 part flat base to 3 parts Future = very flat
1 part flat base to 5 parts Future = matt (Nikhil)
1 part flat base to 10 parts Future = flat
1 part flat base to 15 parts Future = satin
If you get too much of anybody’s flat base on the surface of your model you run the risk of making it all go white. No thinning is required just make sure it is well mixed.

Needles (Blunt End):
Fine-No lines or one line
Medium-Two lines
Heavy-Three lines
Spray Regulator:
Fine-Stamped with XF or F
Medium-Stamped with IL or Blan