Working with MinorDomo

MinorDomo is a “minimalistic replacement for
MajorDomo”. In this guide:

Creating a new mailing list

First copy over the sample list to the MinorDomo lists folder:

cd /home/minordomo
cp -r /usr/doc/minordomo-0.6.1/sample-list developers

Here’s a table of entities in the folder you just copied. Keep in that some of
these might not exist!

Name Type Function
list File Contains email addresses, one per line
footer File Contains text which is to be appended to every message sent to this list (e.g. disclaimer, unsubscribe info).
Can use placeholders for administrator email (\a), domain name (\d), mailing list name (\l, sans domain), lisr URI (\u).
info File Information on the list. Obtained by an email to the list with subject line “info developers
one-liner File A one-line description of the list
config File List configuration file. If present, overrides /etc/minordomo.conf Two important directives:
open_lists=none makes this a ‘closed’ list
subject_prefix=[Developers List] gives each message a prefix “Developers List”
archive Directory All messages sent to the list are saved in this folder. It is not created when you copy the sample list above. Messages are stored in YYYY/MM/DD/ sub-folders. You can get awesome HTML output with HyperMail

Now test the list with an email.

Working with MinorDomo Lists

Sending an email to with the following subject lines does a variety of things:

Subject Line Action
subscribe <list> subscribes to a mailing list
unsubscribe <list> unsubscribes from a mailing list
info [<list>] gets information on a list or server
list <list> returns a subscriber list if enabled

Sample HyperMail Script

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

umask 0000;

$archive_dir = "/home/minordomo/archive";
$output_dir = "/home/minordomo/archive/html";

@years = `ls $archive_dir`;
chomp @years;

foreach $year (@years) {

        unless (-e "$output_dir/$year") {
                mkdir "$output_dir/$year";
        `find $archive_dir/$year -type f | xargs cat | /usr/local/bin/hypermail -x -d $output_dir/$year`;