Working with MinorDomo Raw

MinorDomo is a "minimalistic replacement for 
[MajorDomo](". In this guide:

*   I have my MinorDomo lists at `/home/minordomo`
*   I'll be creating a list called ``
    *   All messages sent to this list will be archived
    *   Only individuals on the list can send messages to the list (i.e. it's not 'open')

Creating a new mailing list

First copy over the sample list to the MinorDomo lists folder:

    cd /home/minordomo
    cp -r /usr/doc/minordomo-0.6.1/sample-list developers

Here's a table of entities in the folder you just copied. Keep in that some of 
these might not exist!

|     Name    |    Type   |                                                                                                                             Function                                                                                                                             |
| `list`      | File      | Contains email addresses, one per line                                                                                                                                                                                                                           |
| `footer`    | File      | Contains text which is to be appended to every message sent to this list (e.g. disclaimer, unsubscribe info). 
Can use placeholders for administrator email (`\a`), domain name (`\d`), mailing list name (`\l`, sans domain), lisr URI (`\u`). | | `info` | File | Information on the list. Obtained by an email to the list with subject line "**info developers**" | | `one-liner` | File | A one-line description of the list | | `config` | File | List configuration file. If present, overrides `/etc/minordomo.conf` Two important directives:
`open_lists=none` makes this a 'closed' list
`subject_prefix=[Developers List]` gives each message a prefix "Developers List" | | `archive` | Directory | All messages sent to the list are saved in this folder. It is not created when you copy the sample list above. Messages are stored in YYYY/MM/DD/ sub-folders. You can get awesome HTML output with [HyperMail]( | * Once you're done editing things to your heart's content, **change the permissions** to `nobody:nobody`. * Then **add the following** to `/etc/aliases`: developers: "|/usr/sbin/ developers" * Rebuild the aliases DB by **issuing** `newaliases` Now test the list with an email. Working with MinorDomo Lists ---------------------------- Sending an email to `` with the following subject lines does a variety of things: | Subject Line | Action | |--------------------|--------------------------------------| | subscribe `` | subscribes to a mailing list | | unsubscribe `` | unsubscribes from a mailing list | | info [``] | gets information on a list or server | | list `` | returns a subscriber list if enabled | Sample HyperMail Script ----------------------- #!/usr/bin/perl -w umask 0000; $archive_dir = "/home/minordomo/archive"; $output_dir = "/home/minordomo/archive/html"; @years = `ls $archive_dir`; chomp @years; foreach $year (@years) { unless (-e "$output_dir/$year") { mkdir "$output_dir/$year"; } `find $archive_dir/$year -type f | xargs cat | /usr/local/bin/hypermail -x -d $output_dir/$year`; }